Cologne, December 18, 2014
CSA Summit 2015

The last CSA Summit is already a few months ago and was a complete success! We were able to engage a broad and diverse audience of Brands, ESPs and ISPs and thus provide a fruitful platform for expert talks and discussions.

Get to know about news from the CSA, industry trends and upcoming challenges and save the date 23rd of April 2015 for a trip to Cologne!
The CSA Summit 2015 is free of charge for you.


September 8, 2014
Sender Reputation Index

The SRI reflects the reliability and trustworthiness of email marketers.
ESPs can resort to the SRI in order to gain additional information about the reputation of existing or potential clients, thereby enabling ESPs to mitigate potential damages to their own reputation at an early stage. Our unique consideration and investigation of individual complaints provides a unique and very useful source of information for our customers.
The index is computed based on data gathered over the last twelve months and may be used to evaluate behavior or compare behavior between senders.
SRI requests can be inquired by any CSA customer via the CLIP customer portal.
Price for one request: 100€ excl. VAT

April 16, 2014
New Directive for Permissible e-Mail Marketing

e-Mail marketing is in many companies an integral part of customer communication. With the amendment of the Federal Data Protection Act and a number of recent court decisions, the senders should, however, bring themselves up to date: A practical guide is the fifth edition of the Directive for Permissible e-Mail Marketing, the eco – Association of the German Internet Industry currently has revised and published.

You can Download the new Directive here.

The new Directive is also available in Russian here.


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