July 11, 2017
Microsoft is now official CSA Partner

Microsoft (Outlook.com & Office 365) is now an official Certified Senders Alliance ISP Partner. This means we have gained a further global player as a partner, which will considerably increase the reach of the CSA at the international level.

Terry Zink (Program Manager at Microsoft) also expressed his optimism about the new partnership:

“At Microsoft, it’s important for us to deliver the best experience possible for our users in Outlook.com and Office 365. This involves blocking the email that people don’t want, but also delivering the email that people do want. The CSA is committed to ensuring that its participants follow best sending practices, and that makes it easier for us to make decisions about whether or not to deliver messages. When our users complain, there is accountability; we can go back to the CSA and ask them to follow up on a sender who is transmitting messages that our users are complaining about. All this strengthens email; by requiring authentication and enforcing compliance of the user opt-in, in return it makes it easier for those good senders to deliver, and helps Microsoft lower the cost of maintaining its own reputation lists. This all helps to build trust on the Internet.”

Find out, how Microsoft is using the CSA whitelist, in Terry Zink’s blogpost!

June 28, 2017
CSA explained in two minutes

Improve email deliverabilty, reputation & quality with CSA certification!

Watch the video, that explains the CSA and its value in just two minutes.

May 29, 2017
eco Directive for Permissible e-Mail Marketing ist now available in French & Spanish

Previously announced, now available! The eco Directive for Permissible e-Mail Marketing in French & Spanish.

Read. Learn. Share.

May 19, 2017
Review: CSA Summit 2017 Back to the future?!

On a beautiful sunny day, 120 attendees from 12 nationalities gathered in the Sports Museum on the banks of the river Rhine in Cologne for the plenary session of the annual CSA Summit on Thursday, 11 May 2017

We had insightful sessions with international top level speakers, exchanges and networking opportunities.

If you have missed the event or want to share your experience with colleagues, have a look at our video of the CSA Summit 2017, the photo gallery or read the report!

We’re already looking forward to seeing you next year!

November 9, 2016
Hornetsecurity joins the CSA

Hornetsecurity has focused on Cloud Computing since its founding in 2007 under the name antispameurope. The company offers comprehensive solutions in the areas of email security, web security and file security. In addition to offering high level of protection of customers’ IT infrastructures, the company stands out by being user friendly, offering solutions that are easy to manage and by delivering high level of transparency and control.

The reason why Hornetsecurity joined the CSA:
“By using the CSA list, we can improve the quality of our spam filters and the internal speed of filtering for mass mailshots.”

November 9, 2016
ingenit GmbH & Co. KG joins the CSA

ingenit GmbH & Co. KG is, from September 2016, official ISP Partner of the Certified Senders Alliance.

ingenit GmbH & Co. KG is an Internet Full Service Provider and is active in a variety of other areas of information processing and presentation. Since 1997 ingenit has specialized in the registration of international domains (domain names). Their registration portal 123domain.eu has become the first port of call for numerous customers who value the short processing times and specialist support. A further service is the offer of courses and consultations
related to Java Enterprise and XML, as well as the development of specialized software solutions for corporate networks and the Internet.

The reason why ingenit joined the CSA:
“To support a meaningful concept and to optimize our own spam filters by tightening restrictions.”

September 20, 2016
New eco Directive for Permissible e-Mail Marketing

What is new in this edition?

  • A series of recent judgments (e.g. the judgment of the German Federal Court of Justice on automated email responses)
  • The extensive list of countries for which the legal basis of email marketing is explained has been supplemented
  • and further more …

Download here.


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