The Certified Senders Alliance

eco runs a white list project called the “Certified Senders Alliance” (CSA), together with the German Dialogue Marketing Association, DDV.

What is the Certified Senders Alliance?

Bulk mailers who send advertising material with the recipient’s permission (permission marketing) complain that a substantial portion of solicited, and therefore wanted, messages, such as newsletters, no longer reach the recipient due to email filtering. Bulk mailers counteract this presently by negotiating with Internet service providers to be added to their internal white lists.

This has a range of disadvantages. On the one hand, a bulk mailer is forced to negotiate with several Internet service providers. At the same time, Internet service providers are forced to review a multitude of bulk mailers to find out if they fulfil the criteria necessary for admission to the list. On the other hand, the requirements vary from provider to provider. Furthermore, changing contact persons make this process more difficult.

This situation calls for the set-up of a centrally managed white list of bulk mailers and of a standardized procedure that ensures consistent high quality and can manage complaints effectively. A centralized white list not only provides a Spam fence, but also an interface between bulk mailers and Internet service providers; its role is to improve the quality of the medium “email” and, above all, to ensure that truly wanted emails sent by serious senders (in both directions) get to their destinations smoothly, without the sender needing to fear a negative classification of their email.

Participation in the Certified Senders Alliance means that server spam filters are usually not activated and filtering that prevents the delivery of mails from listed bulk mailers can only be regulated by the individual user settings. This approach saves resources both for Internet service providers and for bulk mailers. This is why eco and DDV entered into a cooperation so that the white list project could enjoy the backing of the Internet industry as well as the support of the direct marketers. DDV recommends that their members participate in the project, and provides two of the four panel members for the Admissions and Complaints Committee.

The Admissions and Complaints Committee consists of 2 representatives from ISPs and 2 representatives from Commercial ESPs. These companies currently are:

  • 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH
  • AOL Inc.
  • promio.net GmbH
  • Teradata

Members of BVDW, DDV, DMVÖ and eco receive a discount of 20 percent off the price of certification. The service is free of charge for ISPs and Technology Partners.

Benefits of a CSA certification for bulk mailers

Efficient email delivery

  • CSA as a central contact point for whitelisting
  • 100-percent server-sided delivery
  • No more spam-filtering or {Spam?} tags from the Provider

Highest quality criteria

  • Certification ensures legal conformity of your email marketing
  • Standardized and transparent processes

One-stop shop for complaint management

  • The CSA maintains the central complaints hotline
  • In the case of problems, the CSA functions as an interface to the ISPs
  • Senders receive immediate notifications of violations

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Sebastian Fitting
Consultant Complaints Office

Nikolai Furmanczak
Systems Engineer

Rosa Hafezi
Legal Consulting and Certification

Julia Janßen-Holldiek

Alexandra Koch-Skiba
Head of Complaints Office

Maike Marx
Marketing & Customer Relations

Genc Mulhaxha
Sales Manager

Kira Pleschka
Consultant Complaints Office

Qadir Rostamzada
Marketing & Business Development

Peter-Paul Urlaub
Consultant Complaints Office

Alexander Zeh
Engineering Manager

Get in touch with us if you are interested in participating in the Certified Senders Alliance. Find our contact details alongside.

Just let us know if there are any questions left!
You received unwanted emails from a CSA-certified Sender?

Please let us know by submitting the email including full headers to whitelist-complaints@eco.de to help us ensure the quality of the Certified Senders Alliance. We take the measures necessary to clear up the underlying facts, and sanction violations of the regulations of the Certified Senders Alliance.