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Our primary goal is to increase the quality of emails and we contribute to this with a range of services. The CSA has 12 years of experience in email marketing, which experts in technically-flawless and legally-compliant emails can pass on to you.

Some of our services are available only to CSA customers, and other services can be booked by any company.

Simply fill out our contact form below or send an email to if you would like to receive more information.

CSA Workshops

The CSA Workshops allow your company to profit from the many years of experience of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) – a guarantee of quality for the highest technical and legal standards in Email Marketing.

Our specialists will train you in the optimization of your deliverability management as well as in the regulatory framework for legal and effective email campaigns.

Prices* Deliverability

Work­shop up to 3 Partici­pants from 4 Partici­pants
1/2 Day 1.200 € 1.800 €
1 Day 2.200 € 2.900 €

Prices* Legal

Work­shop up to 3 Partici­pants from 4 Partici­pants
1/2 Day 1.200 € 1.800 €
1 Day 2.200 € 2.900 €

Prices* Complete

Work­shop up to 3 Partici­pants from 4 Partici­pants
1 Day 2.200 € 2.900 €
* All prices are net prices, and do not include V.A.T.

After consultation, every workshop will be customized to your requirements. For this, we require appropriate information in advance and will, if necessary, request further material for the preparation of your workshop.

The booking and presentation of the CSA workshops are subject to the Terms and Conditions for CSA workshops.

Sender Reputation Index

The SRI reflects the reliability and trustworthiness of email marketers.
ESPs can resort to the SRI in order to gain additional information about the reputation of existing or potential clients, thereby enabling ESPs to mitigate potential damages to their own reputation at an early stage. Our unique consideration and investigation of individual complaints provides a unique and very useful source of information for our customers.
The index is computed based on data gathered over the last twelve months and may be used to evaluate behavior or compare behavior between senders.
SRI requests can be inquired by any CSA customer via the CLIP customer portal.
Price for one request: 100€ excl. VAT


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Consultant Complaints Office

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Engineering Manager

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